Day 4 with SDH: hihat contraption jungle at 172 bpm


Recording at Slagwerk Den Haag day 3: Niels playing the cimbalom


Man i love this sound……


In november I am going to collaborate with an orchestra: the NNO from Groningen. The concept is “NNO in the club”. It’s a very new thing to me, there is a lot of 20th century classical music on the playlist. Good thing that I really like it! I’ve been listening to 20th century classical a lot this year (Ravel and Messiaen being my favourites).

The ensemble (sadly the full orchestra won’t fit in the club, so it’ll be a woodwind ensemble in november) will also perform some pieces that i’m gonna be writing, and this is one of them. It’s a trio for bassoon, flute and clarinet.

I do not know whether I will keep these pieces “acoustic” or whether I will put electronic sounds in the background, or maybe even in the foreground. I have a couple of months to figure that out! :D

Source: SoundCloud / thijsnoisia
Photo Set

Installed the furniture, and tucked all the cables away neatly. I only noticed the picture in picture effect after I took it!

And a pic of the new toy corner setup :)


Spent the day bringing the studio in order. All cables tucked away i can now walk around without tripping. #furniture #motionblur #springcleaning #cableduct #brightlights #realness #hashtags #morehashtags #DatBass #WhatsThatTune?


Rhapsodie espagnole (1907): I. Prélude à la nuit. Modéré

Just heard this on the radio: Ravel’s Rhapsodie Espagnole for 4 hands on piano (or 2 pianos, not sure). I like.


i’ve been looking at getting a french connection or a roli seaboard, but can’t justify the price. so i decided to see what i can do expression wise with a keyboard and my intellijel planar joystick. i tried to make a cello patch using braids’s bowed mode, and it came out pretty nice i think!

played it live, no editing, line signal recorded straight into the camera.

soundcloud downloadable audio:


Ok so I was wrong: I did noodle today. Made a very expressive cello patch on my modular and improvised a modern-classical 12 tone-ish melody on it.